Reflective Diamond Grade 3M Red/White 6"-6"

Reflective Diamond Grade 3M Red/White 6"-6"
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2 in Width 3M Diamond Grade Retroreflective Tape - Alternating 6 in Red/White
Highest Reflectivity Available

The brightest tape 3M has ever introduced. Up to 6x brighter than most reflective tapes. Unique material reflects when wet and is extremely durable.

- 6in red/6in wht alternating pattern


Bright enough to reflect in the daytime! Extremely bright at night

1. Apply strips to your helmet.
2. Wrap a 6 in strip around each front fork leg.
3. Apply 3 in strip on the left and right sides of your bike for better side visibility
3. Apply Red colored Diamond grade on the back fender for better rear visibility at night.
4. Apply to the sides and back or saddle bags.

- Tape consists of prismatic lenses formed in a durable transparent resin, sealed with a white synthetic film and backed with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive with a blue liner to protect the adhesive.

- 3M Diamond Grade is edge sealed and resists peeling.

- Excellent angularity which allows visibility well beyond 45 deg from perpendicular, in fact, reflectivity approaches 90 deg from perpendicular.

- Guaranteed to meet NHTSA minimum specifications of 250 candlepower for seven years
Min. Order: 5 ft

All orders are shipped as one continuous piece
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