DVD: Street Smarts Volume 2

Streets Smart DVD Vol 2
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Street Smarts Vol. 2, Lessons From the Track - Advanced Urban Survival Course DVD 
This DVD is a valuable resource that will help riders at any level. The DVD is nicely produced and contains excellent action footage to demonstrate every important point.



Lets you hear different opinions about how to approach situations such as entering a turn too fast; riding technique for rainy weather; or using your rear brake. Evaluate each answer and incorporate the best into your riding techniques.
More street riding techniques from some of the world's best riders. Hear the pros talk first hand about how they deal with common riding hazards. Wes Cooley, Chuck Graves, David Emde, and a host of other champion riders answer a series of important safety questions, including: "What do you do if you go into a turn too fast?"; "How do you adjust your riding techniques for rainy weather?"; and "Under what conditions should you use your rear brake?" and many more.
This video gives you the chance to hear many different opinions about how to approach many different situations. Evaluate each answer and incorporate it into your own riding technique.
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