Controller for LPC-24 and LPB-24 Required for programmable functions
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Controller for LPC-24 and LPB-24

This controller plugs in-line with the vectraLIGHT. It's small in size: 1.50"x1.00" (38mmx25mm).

The built-in diagnostic LEDs helps with hooking-up correct wires on the bike.  With Power supplied, each of the Input signals for Right Turn, Left Turn and Brakes are indicated.






VL-60 Output





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Installation does not require any special tools. Everything needed to complete the job is in the product package.F

ollow the steps described here and refer to the

Installation Manual enclosed in the product package. Installation videos with standard bulbs and LED bulbs are viewable on our YouTube channel. Or you can search for them directly on YouTube.


Click here for Installation Manual

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