Book: More Proficient Motorcycling

More Proficient Motorcycling, Motorcycle Riding and Training Book - Mastering The Ride, By David L. Hough
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More Proficient Motorcycling - Mastering The Ride, By David L. HoughPerfect follow-on book to the very successful Proficient Motorcycling. Extends topics covered in the first book and covers many new topics not covered before. Goes deeper into riding skills and accident aviodance tactics. Includes many full color pictures. Many new topics David Hough has written the column "Proficient Motorcycling," first for Road Rider magazine and then for its successor, Motorcycle Consumer News. During that time, he has covered hundreds of topics relating to the skills needed for riding motorcycles safely on the streets. Generations of motorcyclists have grown up with the benefit of Hough's wisdom, some owing their lives to advice dispensed in his columns.

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